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  • Coalescence


    Coalescence can be used to push, save a teammate, or hold a position effectively when used properly. It offers 140 healing per second, combined with the healing orb it is 205.If an enemy Genji uses dragonblade on a teammate without nanoboost, you can immediately cast coalescence and out heal his damage. Coalescence can also be […]

  • Total Mayhem

    Total Mayhem

    Moira is an absolute S tier pick in total mayhem. She can put out a lot of healing or damage, and can stall the objective for a long time if the player is good. If there is a D.Va on the enemy team you will want to focus on coalescence more rather than spamming orbs. […]

  • Healing Orb

    Healing Orb

    Moira’s healing orb provides an excellent boost to your healing output and can save teammates from a lot of situations.You should aim to bounce it around as many damaged teammates as possible to get maximum value. Genji can deflect your healing orb and use it to heal him and his team. Make sure you don’t […]

  • Damage Orb

    Damage Orb

    Moira’s damage orb is going to be one of the primary sources of ultimate charge during your games. You should aim to cast it in high traffic areas at the start of a game, or before a fight when the enemies aren’t close. If the enemy has an Ana on her own, you can sneak […]